A Pit Bull vs. A Honda

Pitbull and Honda

The shocking similarity between a “Pit Bull” and a Honda Accord! Perverted enough, a car and a dog are both considered things and objects under the law to be owned.  Perhaps for the objects this makes sense, but this should be found shocking for the living, breathing, feeling animal. They are both only worth the […]

Dog Owner, Cat Owner vs. Dog Parent, Cat Parent

puppy next to a stool

Dog Owner, Cat Owner vs. Dog Parent, Cat Parent. What’s The Difference? As long as we oppress other living beings we will create a culture of oppression. The Case to Move Beyond Dog & Cat Ownership It is time to evolve and move beyond ownership and live in the 21st century with dignity, respect, tact […]

Dogs & Yoga Health Benefits

Dachshund doing play bow morning stretch in sun

Dogs & Yoga = Doga Dogs & Yoga. Both are things I love, but let me be clear, I am not an expert on Yoga. The former I have spent decades loving, while the later I am a premature novice, and by no means a yogi. That being said, the concept of Doga makes me […]

Top 11 Reasons to Spay & Neuter Your Dog

Pug sitting on a chair staring out the window

My Dogs Balls Are Natural (if I only had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this…)   I hear ill thought out slipshod arguments all the time. Heck, isn’t that what the internet is about, cat and dog pictures and arm-chair experts? Probably the most common faulty argument I hear from many well-intentioned smart […]

9 Dog Training & Class Time Management Tips

German Shepherd Puppy training and boarding miami

Dog Training Tips and Time Management When training canines, time management is ultra-important. It is what separates great dog trainers from mediocre ones. Time and timing are the utmost important factors in just about every dog training class or private session scenario. Without good timing you are confusing your dog and families at best. I […]

Service Dogs: Many Asian Countries Setting a Good Example

Service Guide Dogs

A guide dog is trained to lead visually impaired people, while a service dog – otherwise known as a service animal – is specially trained to assist a person with a variety of physical and mental disabilities. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a service dog’s duties range from guiding or alerting people […]

Moving With A Dog Resume – Pet Friendly Apartments

Dog moving with suitcase

Moving With a Dog or Cat   How important is a dog resume or CV, curriculum vitae? If you live in Miami, New York or most major metropolitan cities, VERY. What?! I can hear you asking, why is a dog resume necessary? If you want to live with your dog, cat or pet a resume […]

Dog Training and Family Participation

Tennis ball hits dog in the head

Sabotage Dog Training   I get many calls around this time of year for dog training. Miami families adopt pets for the holidays and everyone is happy and hopeful. However, when one person gets a dog as a surprise for a loved one or when one family member does not want a dog and another […]

Help, I’ve Poisoned My Dog’s Cue!

dog in field with flowers

Yikes, I’ve Poisoned My Dogs Cue!   What the heck does that mean?! Poisoning anything sounds dangerous and nefarious which is why so many dog trainers and clients don’t realize or want to even think that they may have poisoned their dog training cues – gasp! Sounds dangerous! Should I see the vet? No… The […]

14 Things Your Dog Trainer Wishes You Knew

dog training miami dog

14 Things Your Dog Trainer Wishes You Knew   So you want to be a great dog training student or client? Of course you do, who doesn’t. Every pet parent needs to know a few essentials in order to cohabitate with their best friend and new family member. Learning the basics of dog body language […]

Steve Guttenberg, Fun Paw Care & Sabrina Cohen Foundation

Service Dogs and homeless dogs

Dog training and behavior modification are not only my career of choice but my passion. As a natural extension of this passion, I thrive on turning homeless dogs into service dogs to help others. The largest reason why millions of dogs and cats are killed in our shelter system year after year is not because […]

Steve Guttenberg, Fun Paw Care & Ability Explosion

Ability Explosion, Service Dogs Miami Beach

Celebrities, Abilities & Service Dogs – Oh My!   The Ability Explosion Luncheon and Simulation Event was huge success, even for homeless and service dogs alike. The mayor Philip Levine and the commissioners graciously participated in the event to bring awareness to the obstacles and challenges others face on a daily basis. Awareness and compassion […]

Dog Training Tools vs Teaching

French bulldog pulling on leash

Tools vs Teaching   One of the most common dog walking scenes across the country is a pet parent being pulled down the street while walking their dog. Sometimes I am lucky enough to see a dog wearing a front attaching harness however it is often without the benefit of being taught or leaning anything.How […]

The Foible of Inclusivity in “Teaching”

Shar-Pei Blown Away

Dear Unethical Organization,   What happened when we were best buds and nothing could tear us apart? I miss those days and yearn for them back. Do you remember when you were young and you heard through the grapevine that your best friend said something negative about you? Do you remember the feeling of emptiness, […]

Steve Guttenberg Teams Up With Fun Paw Care


Steve Guttenberg Teams Up With Fun Paw Care to Support Service Dogs & Homeless Dogs in Conjunction with 2 Noteworthy Charities!   I am thrilled to announce: film star, actor, dog lover and one of my closest friends, Steve Guttenberg will be teaming up in support of Fun Paw Care to raise awareness for service dogs […]

Journalistic Integrity and Dogs

belgian malinois

Dogs and Journalists, Oh My!   Have you ever played the game, how many inaccuracies can you find in one article by large media outlet newspaper? It is fun but quite sad. This is not to single out a specific newspaper but to focus on the systemic problem affecting media and journalists today. It is […]

Accessible Miami Beach

Friends on accessible beach

Sabrina Cohen Accessible Beach   “The only disability in life is a bad attitude,” and by this metric there were no disabilities as far as the eye could see. A core tenet in life is to give back, volunteer, and to make life as fulfilling, enjoyable, and empowering for others as possible. This includes offering […]

8 Reasons Why Dogs Are Not Pack Animals

Wolf Pack

Are Dogs Pack Animals?   How many times have you heard that dogs are pack animals? Propagated by autodidact reality television show hosts, the term “pack animals” is used so often that most people do not question it. It is ingrained in our social lexicon and used incorrectly. Many people recite parlance they hear in […]

8 Reasons Why I Don’t Allow My Dogs In The Kitchen

dog training in kitchen

Some popular dog training questions are: Should I allow my dog in the bedroom? Should I allow my dog on the couch? Should I allow my dog on the bed? Should I allow my dog in the kitchen? These are great questions but the answer is, I don’t know, because it is a personal choice. […]

Let’s Get Naked

Nude Girl with Dog

Stripping Down With Your Dog   By a show of hands (or comments below) how many of you have ever left the house to take your dog on a long dog walk or dog training outdoors without your phone? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4zyjLyBp64 Not, many I would guess. I would like to suggest that you […]